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Travel+Leisure magazine lists the top travel consultants in the USA each year.

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pleasure, environmental,
working vacations...
Today, travel is done for many reasons
to virtually any place on earth.

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Time is a critical element in all of our lives. An experienced travel consultant can save you time and money, while enhancing your travel in myriad ways.

Sally Watkins

Grand Place, Brussels

The consultant can help you cut through the overload of information and options that are available on the internet, replacing guesses and 'stabs in the dark' with wise suggestions based on experience and knowledge.

Experience, first-hand knowledge, listening, flexibility, resourcefullness and professionalism are the hallmarks of a good travel counselor. Sally is known for these qualities.

Sally Watkins is a Certified Travel Counselor with twenty one years of experience in the travel industry.

Sally Watkins

She takes a personal interest in every trip that she plans and is not bound by ordinary travel packages that make the participant conform
to the desires of the travel company.

On the way to Delos.

Central Europe Four Specialist
Czech Republic, Hungary
Poland & Slovakia.

Sally is associated with a number of professional travel organizations through CenturyTravel and through her own direct membership.

She is a past Chairman of the Association of Retail Travel
Agents and serves as a current board member.

Sally with grandsons Jack and Adam
Sally dining at Hamdi, next to Yeni Cami/New Mosque (1665) and the Spice Market in Istanbul

What does the Wall Street Journal article mean
when it refers to "superagents" such as Sally?

Why utilize a
Certified Travel
Counselor to help
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